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The future of cybersecurity is decentralized and powered by AI 

FYEO secures enterprises and individuals from cyber attacks with security audits, real-time threat monitoring and intelligence, anti-phishing solutions and decentralized identity management.

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Blockchain Security

End-to-end blockchain security services and auditing for Web3.

Our expert team of Defi experts rigorously test and analyze systems for potential vulnerabilities. Our methods include comprehensive code, logic, and functionality reviews for implementation of cryptographic or ledger solutions.

FYEO Domain Intelligence

Protect your organization and employees from cyberattacks with FYEO Domain Intelligence.

Using our built-in early detection system, FYEO Domain Intelligence delivers real-time threat monitoring helping you manage your online risk exposure by alerting your organization of potential security issues as soon as they emerge.

FYEO Identity

Decentralized password management and identity monitoring services made simple.

FYEO's password manager is private-key generated and as easy to setup as your favorite crypto wallet. Manage unlimited credentials and get real-time identity reporting and alerts straight to your browser and mobile device. Free!

Blockchain security reviews

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A security review is more than just a rubber stamp to get your project live.  Our team works collaboratively with your development team to identify potentially critical vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by a malicious actor. The audit team at FYEO has deep domain expertise with a team of world class DeFi logic experts. We have performed blockchain security audits of major DeFi blockchain protocols including Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Near, Algorand, Cardano and multiple NFT marketplaces. The best offense is a strong defense!


FYEO Domain Intelligence delivers real-time cyber threat monitoring and intelligence to help secure your organization

Learn how the FYEO Domain Intelligence platform can help your organization and employees with end-to-end protection. We empower you with the tools to take control of your cybersecurity and secure your organization.

FYEO Identity is Decentralized and Secure

We save nothing so you can save everything.

The FYEO Identity password manager (“FYEO ID”) presents a groundbreaking shift in password management technology. The FYEO ID solution is built on private key technology using strong key material, it generates cryptographically secure passwords with high information entropy.

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