Leaders in blockchain security

We find vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.

FYEO has some of the best DeFi logic experts in the world to test and analyze systems for potential vulnerabilities including comprehensive logic review, code review, and functionality review when advanced cryptographic or ledger solutions are used.

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Trusted by the world’s top Web3 projects and protocols
FYEO Audit Process

What makes FYEO unique is not only our talent but our approach. We aim for interactive audits where your team receives updates in real-time throughout the duration of our line-by-line auditing process.

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Blockchain security services

Code reviews

Senior Cryptographers and Engineers test and analyze your system for potential vulnerabilities

Comprehensive logic review, code review, and functionality review when advanced cryptographic or ledger solutions are used.


Comprehensive analysis / design for blockchain solutions using security expertise. 


Our trained researchers analyze project and business problems to provide your business a starting point when building on blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Research and innovation

We help your organization tackle blockchain innovation as well as the development engine for proprietary products to help you reach your goals.

Architecture and development

Full-stack development services including architecture, design, documentation, code creation, and operations monitoring from our internal or partner resources.

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The goal of an audit with FYEO

When FYEO performs an audit, we focus on the code committed when the code base is feature complete at a specific time. Our goal is to give our clients the following:

  1. Verification that the intention of the project is what is implemented in code.

  2. A better understanding of its security posture and help them identify current and future risks in its deployed chain & contract infrastructure.

  3. An opinion on what security measures are in place regarding maturity, adequacy, and efficiency.

  4. Identify potential issues, including loss of funds scenarios, and include improvement recommendations based on the result of our assessment.

  5. Give the development team a better understanding of writing and maintaining more secure code. The incremental increase of security is part of the overall increased quality of the project.

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