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Meet some of our elite code review team


Mikael Björn – Managing Director, Cybersecurity Solutions and Research Practice

Specializing in large network systems architecture, security and development, Mikael has 30 years of experience in building secure systems for finance, telco and defense industries. Mikael has a background as principal engineer at Sun Microsystems and Unisys Corporation. He has been the major force in modernization of old development methodologies to new secure Agile CI/CD methods. He also has a long background in cloudification of old on premise large-scale enterprise systems. Today Mikael is heading the business unit responsible for secure development, audit and reviews in the Blockchain & DLT space including smart contracts.


Tuyet Duong – PhD, Director of Cryptography and Blockchain Security

Tuyet has a PhD degree in blockchain security and cryptographic protocols from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Her experience spans multiple aspects of cryptography, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies such as improving the security and performance of blockchain protocols. Tuyet made efforts to bring new perspectives in secure blockchain design and provide novel and effective solutions, contributing to defining new security analysis frameworks. She was co-creator of many practical and secure blockchain systems such as 2-hop hybrid PoW/PoS blockchain, Twinscoin, and Multi-mode cryptocurrency system.

Before joining FYEO, she developed and/or reviewed a variety of proof-of-stake blockchains. She has experience working with many layers of the blockchain system spanning from smart contracts, blockchain applications to blockchain consensus security and cryptographic foundation.


Marissa Gross – Director of Business Operations

Marissa studied Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Economics at The University of Akron & has a certification from Case Western Reserve University in cybersecurity with an emphasis on cryptography & blockchain technology. Marissa is the main point of contact for each code review, and performs the logic reviews & re-reviews for each project.


Brian O – Senior Blockchain Security Analyst

Brian is a Blockchain Security Analyst who has been working with cryptocurrency since 2017. He studied Applied Physics and Applied Math at Virginia Tech, where he held multiple positions as a STEM instructor/tutor. While still in school, Brian turned his attention towards data analysis and machine learning, with the objective of writing algorithmic trading bots for stocks/crypto. That interest in trading quickly transformed into a love for blockchain technology and DeFi. Brian is passionate about contributing to the greater blockchain ecosystem, and ensuring users can safely use this revolutionary technology.

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Michael Erquitt – MBA, CISSP, Senior Blockchain Security Engineer

Michael has multiple graduate degrees in engineering and finance from the University of San Diego (USD). His experience spans across a wide range of topics from financial derivatives, blockchain technology, and application security. Michael's previous work covers multiple different blockchain protocols (Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, etc.) specifically on validating cryptographic implementations and smart contract security. Michael's passion is working with developers and engineers on projects that are novel and pushing the design of distributed systems.


Balthasar Pohlus – Senior Blockchain Security Analyst

Balthasar has a history of taking software apart. At a young age he reverse engineered games to develop bots and hacks and eventually started analysing network protocols for MMOs to find exploits and assisted in the creation of emulated servers. He started learning about cryptocurrencies after being intrigued by the Bitcoin white paper. Soon he got into smart contract development on Ethereum and focused on the security risks of those contracts. His Rust programming background eventually brought him to Solana.

Michal_Bacia_01 4M fixed_edited.jpg

Michal Bacia – Chief Token Economist

Michal is a trained economist, but he also built financial models and software, so he can read code, understand IT architecture and can tell if things will work or not.

Michal's crypto economist experience include working for Energy Web, Kudelski Security, 01 Capital,, and others. He’s an expert in utility tokens, stable coins, staking, discount tokens, incentives, loyalty rewards, synthetic tokens, NTFs, security tokens and hybrid assets.

His article “Trust-less governance is the killer app of blockchain technology” is a part of the Blockchain at MIT Sloan curriculum. A Lufthansa Aviation Blockchain Challenge winner and Nesta Open Banking “Open Up 2020 Challenge” Finalist, and a contributor to The State of Stablecoin Report 2019.


Miles Nolan – Senior Blockchain Security Analyst

As a Texas A&M alum with a background in information systems, business, and cybersecurity, Miles became passionate about both technology and security consulting early on in his career. He’s worked on projects ranging from Cloud Computing within the Energy and Utilities industry to Identity and Access Management within the Telecommunications Industry. Miles currently focuses on Blockchain Security where he performs architecture and security code reviews for leading DeFI and GameFi projects. Miles believes Blockchain technologies will perform critical functions in our daily lives just as energy, utilities, and telecommunications do today. Miles wants to dedicate his security expertise to web3 with the hopes of making the ecosystem safe for future generations to come.

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