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Online threat monitoring & intelligence

FYEO DI secures enterprises and their employees against online threats, and identifies security risks as they appear.

FYEO DI’s cyber threat intelligence service continuously monitors the darknet & other threat actors, enabling enterprises and their employees to manage & assess online risk exposure and have early warning of threats as they occur.

Advanced threat management

FYEO DI’s Advanced Threat Management warns enterprises when chatter around their people appear in known forums where malicious actors convene.

Executive protection

When sensitive information of VIPs and company execs appears on the darknet, FYEO DI issues alerts as that information surfaces preventing reputational and economic harm.

Real-time phishing protection

FYEO DI’s Domain Service detects fake imitation sites (lookalike domains) as they appear and performs site take downs before brand reputation is eroded. To ensure protection and security down to the end user, we block phishing clicks on the client and alert users in real-time

Domain & credential monitoring

FYEO DI’s active database of over 20 billion leaked credentials and passwords offers alerts any time email addresses & passwords resulting from 3rd party breaches appear on the darknet - providing actionable insights to prevent reputational and economical loss.


FYEO DI features

  • Advanced Threat Management

  • Real-time Phishing protection

  • Brand Protection

  • Executive Protection

  • Domain and Credential Monitoring

  • End user client

  • Access via API and Web Portal

  • Customized reporting

  • Industry benchmarking

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Security is a right not a privilege. Contact us for a quote that will match your business needs without breaking the bank.

Improve security habits by empowering you and your employees with the right tools to enact change.

FYEO was created with end users in mind. We know that organizational security can't improve if we don't empower employees with the right tools to keep them and the organization secure. FYEO DI creates a culture of security from the bottom up. And we do it all without disrupting your employees work whether they be at home, at the office, on any platform or device.

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Security with tangible outcomes

  • Trends, analysis & alerts for threats across the enterprise and its partners

  • Incident management & resolution

  • Collection statistics spanning both public & darknet

  • Similar domain & phishing threats findings & resolution

  • Threat actor detection & mentions

  • In-depth analysis of leaked emails & passwords from your enterprise

  • Comparisons to industry average

End user breach and phishing alert system

  • Notifications when users email has been involved in a data breach

  • In-browser alerts when a suspicious link they click is detected

  • Customized identity reporting with historical credential leak insights

  • Available for all major browsers

  • Mobile coming soon!

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Security made effortless

  • FYEO DI integrates seamlessly into your current security ecosystem 

  • Quickly deploy FYEO DI end user application to a single team, multiple teams, or your entire organization

  • FYEO DI's response system makes it easy to track, alert and take action when threats are detected - we handle the rest

FYEO Identity for Enterprise

Coming Soon!

The FYEO Identity password manager is the most secure and easy-to-use password manager and it's coming soon to business - equipped with privacy-focused enterprise features your employees need to safely manage all their online accounts.

FYEO Identity enterprise features

  • Multiple identity management

  • Real-time Phishing & identity monitoring

  • Automated password updates

  • 2FA

  • Secure credential sharing

  • Provide credential server hosting

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