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BTblock Begins Code Security Review and Litepaper for Kaddex, Powered by Kadena

Update: November 19, 2021

BTblock's engagement with Kaddex has now concluded. As always, it is up the client to decide whether to share our work. BTblock cannot respond to tweets or requests for this information.

Today, we are proud to announce BTblock is officially starting a cybersecurity code review with yet another breakthrough blockchain technology company, Kaddex!

Kaddex is a Gas Free DEX and the first project on the Kadena ecosystem we are working on. This Project presents an eloquent integration with Kadena, and we are intrigued by the fact that users will never have to pay transaction fees.

Being Gas Free has the potential to remove the main barriers to blockchain mass adoption, mainly expensive transaction fees and (in this case) the need to hold KDA in order to trade. Less known but just as exciting, Gas Free can solve Miner Extractable Value (MEV), mitigate Impermanent Loss and unleash financial innovation as a whole with the restrictions on Smart Contract complexity (transaction fees associated to smart contracts) lifted.

Thanks to Kadena’s Gas Stations, Gas will always stay free (subsidized by Kaddex) because the Kadena blockchain scales horizontally - as the demand goes up, the number of chains can be increased indefinitely. This is where Kadena shines: even the fastest Proof-of-Stake platform has upper limits on throughput, but Kadena’s Chainweb protocol uniquely scales the number of chains to meet any demand, without compromising on security or decentralization. The Kadena main net even becomes more secure and energy efficient as it scales! (See article: How To Scale a Proof of Work Blockchain)

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