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FYEO Identity

A new era of password and identity management

FYEO Identity uses private key technology and combines real-time identity monitoring to deliver the most secure password manager available today. 

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FYEO is privacy-first

Getting started with FYEO doesn’t mean giving up all your personal information. When creating your FYEO account, we offer the option of creating a verified or anonymous account.

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Verified account:

  • Only email required for real-time identity monitoring

  • Save unlimited credentials 

  • Monitor multiple personal email addresses for leaks

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Anonymous account:

  • No email or personal information required

  • Save unlimited credentials

  • Upgrade to verified account at any time

The role of the distributed ledger

FYEO ID uses a distributed ledger to store the encrypted metadata for your credentials. The data stored is the hash of the site and the username together with a cryptographic nonce. This also allows the storage of rights management information enabling FYEO ID to be used as a rights management system with authentication and auditing.

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Way beyond a traditional password manager both in security and functionality. The FYEO Identity password manager is a new and groundbreaking technology shift in password management. It is going from remembering passwords to calculating them.

Zero Local Password Storage

Identity Monitoring



FYEO generated passkeys (your passwords) store zero personal data anywhere ensuring that your information can never be breached.

FYEO's real-time identity monitoring gives you the facts: what got taken, what was exposed and what you need to do next.

FYEO passkeys are calculated and not stored on your local device or in any cloud environment. This means that neither FYEO or any 3rd party has access to your encrypted data (credentials).

The FYEO master key is private-key generated and lives on your device(s) only, not the cloud. This enables you to transfer your identities between devices with ease. This guarantees that your information cannot be decrypted by FYEO nor any 3rd parties. 

The most easy-to-use password manager built for privacy and unmatched security.

  • Private key generated

  • Multiple identity management

  • Password generation

  • Real-time identity monitoring

  • Credential (email) breach alerts

  • Cross-device syncing

  • Simple password import/export integration

  • Personalized identity reports

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All for the modest price of


(yes, free!)

FYEO features


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