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FYEO Identity uses private key technology and combines real-time identity monitoring to deliver the most secure password manager available today, for free*

A new era of password and identity management



Password management and identity monitoring made simple.

FYEO is the most secure and easy-to-use password manager. Manage unlimited credentials and get real-time identity reporting and alerts in your browser and iOS device. Free!



Assess and manage your company and employees with FYEO Domain Intelligence

FYEO Domain Intelligence delivers real-time, actionable insights to help you assess your online risk exposure with a built-in early detection system to alert you and your employees as potential security issues surface in your organization.

The FYEO Report

With over 80% of business breaches traced to weak, reused, or shared credentials and over 75% of organizations around the world experiencing a successful phishing attack in 2020, organizational security is more important than ever. Today's work-from-home climate and the crossover of personal and business devices makes keeping track of threats in real-time with end user coverage essential. Luckily, there's FYEO to keep you protected.

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Get the facts in the FYEO Report where we shine the light on today's growing identity management crisis. 

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Decentralized & Secure

We save nothing so you can

save everything.

The FYEO Identity password manager (“FYEO ID”) presents a new and groundbreaking technology shift in password management. We are going from remembering passwords to calculating them. The FYEO ID solution is based on private key technology that generates passwords from strong key material that is cryptographically secure with a high information entropy.

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Identity reporting on a 

whole new level

Unlike other identity monitoring services, when you create an account with FYEO you get access not only to the sites where your email was part of a breach but what information was leaked. In your personalized identity report you'll see in plaintext the usernames, emails and yes, even the passwords that you used to login that were part of the breach. 

Use FYEO anywhere

Save login information once and it's instantly available on all your devices. FYEO stays with you wherever you go.

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An integrated platform to 

secure your organization

Learn how the FYEO Domain Intelligence platform can keep your organization and employees safe with end-to-end protection. We empower organizations and their employees to take back control and keep themselves safe.

Delightfully simple & Convenient

A single click enables FYEO to save your usernames and generate passkeys when you sign in to apps and websites. It's that simple.

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